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Warning: Please note that Expo-Guide, FAIR Guide and Exhibition Housing Services do not represent Ascential Events or its portfolio of events, nor have we authorized them to use our name or trademarks on information they send out to exhibitors. These publications and related websites target exhibitors offering listings and advertising space. These organizations use a form which resembles an organizer’s free catalogue listing service, inviting exhibitors to sign and return the form for an entry in an on-line directory. Exhibitors who sign and return the form are contracted into a non-retractable agreement at significant cost for an extended period, unless cancelled by registered letter within the appropriate period. Additionally, we are aware of a service provider of the name Exhibition Housing Services (EHS), which has contacted exhibitors, citing the name of our event, to offer hotel reservation services. 
If you are contacted regarding Expo-Guide, FAIR Guide or Exhibition Housing Services using our name or the name of our events and offering advertising space in Expo-Guide or on the FAIR Guide website ( or hotel reservation services, please do not sign anything unless you have carefully read and understood the terms contained in the small print.
You can find further information about Expo-Guide and on the Association of Event Organiser’s website.
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