14 - 16 September 2021
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Behind the Buyers

Behind the Buyers

At Glee we love hearing about the journeys garden centres and our visitors have been on to get to where they are today, their inspirations and their struggles. With this in mind, we though we'd share a few stories of some great garden centres and their journeys to success.


Perrywood Garden Centre

Perrywood’s Garden Centre was originally started as a small 4 acre growers for strawberry picking back in the 1950’s, but it soon became apparent that greenhouse growing was the money maker in the business. By following and exploring different industry trends, Perrywood Garden Centre theme their products and displays around key retailing topics with the current focus around the theme health and happiness.

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Battersea Flower Station

Battersea Flower Station is a hidden piece of countryside amongst a completely urban environment, and truly is the definition of an urban oasis. As well as being quirky, beautiful and a lot of fun, they’re small and curated offerings are perfectly suited for people and the gardens of London, making them experts at helping Londoners make their outdoor spaces look nice.

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Alton’s Garden Centre

Alton’s Garden Centre started over 47 years ago and is very much a traditional and family run business. Their journey started from selling potatoes, eggs and a few plants from a small shed, and has blossomed into a successful and flourishing Garden Centre off the back off a great passion for gardening and the industry.

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Meadowcroft Garden Centre

Growing plants since 1939, Meadowcroft Garden Centre is very much a traditional bedding plants grower with a great mix of plant offerings and customers that they attract to the centre. They’re journey from wholesale into retailing is a great example of adapting to market and industry demands whilst sticking to what they’re good at.

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