12 Oct 2021

Algon Organics

Algon Organics was launched in 2001 out of personal frustration felt by Michael Catterall, who was unable to find a product that would stop algae growing through the sandstone paving he had laid in his garden. An amateur inventor, Michael developed Algon, a non-toxic organic path, patio and decking cleaner that is safe for pets, and started to sell it through a small number of local garden centres in North-West England.

Following initial success, it was clear that to scale the business a new approach was needed and a number of representative agents were appointed. The company now distributes to over 700 garden centres, both independents and multiples and DIY stores across the whole of the UK and Ireland.

At a strategy meeting in early 2015, the decision was taken to invest in Glee. The directors of Algon were confident the show would make a positive impact on their business.

The objective: Accelerate market penetration and sales growth, specifically in Southern England.


The team at Algon Organics wanted to ensure the brand made a significant impact at Glee. Using a combination of their own expertise and the experience of the Glee team to develop an effective promotional strategy. Algon Organics is a one product company, and so the stand was designed to focus all attention on the quality of the product and the results it produces.

The joint team developed a multi-channel programme to build awareness of the company's presence at the show. This involved the Algon Organics profile page on the Glee website, using their own website, regular postings on Twitter and Facebook, and a focused effort by the sales agents to invite all clients and prospects to the stand.

Algon Organics took a 4x5m space and designed their own stand with minimal structures in order to reduce potential barriers to visitor flow. Strong signage using the brand colours and videos displayed on TV monitors, were used to catch the eye of passers-by and prompt them to stop for a chat with one of the sales agents on the stand. Free branded canvas bags and trigger sprays were used as post-show reminders of the brand


Glee has enabled Algon Organics to take a major step forward in growing its business across the UK, and is now an established part of the company's go-to-market strategy.

Penetrate new markets

  • Reach and educate potential stockists in southern England Showcase the new, proven product and the year round sales opportunity it offers
  • Showcase the new, proven product and the year round sales opportunity it offers

Create new relationships

  • Build a dialogue with garden centres and DIY stores new to Algon Organics
  • Create confidence in a quality product that delivers great results

Build the brand

  • Create a perception of a bigger, stronger company
  • Connect the people with the brand to build long term partnerships

"It was great to talk to so many people face-to-face, answer their questions and see them understand the sales opportunity with Algon. I have no doubt that Glee is helping us to grow our business."

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