30 May 2023

Pergola& Carport

ORIENT ALUMINIUM (QINGDAO) CO.,LTD Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 8A71

The primary function of a pergola or carport is to create a shaded outdoor space, which can help protect against harsh sunlight and provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for outdoor activities. The two layers of beams and rafters provide extra shade and can be designed to allow for a variety of shading options, such as partial shade or full coverage.


ORIENT Pergola& Carport Features:

1.  Pure Aluminium Alloy Structure
The main structure is made of high-quality, high-intensity aluminum alloy material. It is corronsion-resistant and highly rust resistant.

2.  Powder coating surface 
Powder coating process make the surface scratch resistance and super strong weather resistance, which greatly improves the service life of the pergola& carport, reduces the decomposition from ultraviolet rays, and keep it new for a long time.

3. Easy Installation
The pergola& carport adopts a simple design. The installation process is easy. It does not require complex tools and technologies. Just follow the instructions. For do-it-yourselfers, it is possible to install the carport& pergola completely on their own.

4. Flexible installation position
The pergola & carport is self-supported and does not need to be mounted on the building. You can choose the installation location at will.

5. Simple maintenance
The surface of the aluminum alloy carport is smooth and flat, it is not easy to accumulate dust, maintenance is simple and convenient, just wipe it with water or neutral detergent. 

6. Colour
There are many colors to choose from for both aluminium structure and polycarbonate panel. You can even choose the structure colour from a wide range of RAL colours.

7.Bespoke size
We provide customized services. This means that we can achieve variants based on the size and type of your car or your space to create a completely customized shelter for you.