Cook King

Norfolk Leisure Lifestyle Ltd Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 19C50-D51

Handmade in Europe using a high quality crude steel, the Cook King range of Firebowls, Stoves and Baskets makes for a versatile and brilliant feature for any garden or outdoor space. 

They can be used with the extensive range of accessories to become the perfect outdoor cooking companion for all your roasting, boiling and grilling needs. 

The versatility and practicality of these quality handmade products is what makes Cook King such a unique brand. Whether you require an additional feature to your Garden or Outdoor Space, the Cook King range of firebowls, stoves and baskets can be used in a variety of ways.

With no added accessories you can use your Cook King as the perfect centerpiece for any social gathering or party. The concave shape bowl is designed so that no wood burnt inside is blown around. Add the additional mesh screen accessory to protect from any fly-away fire embers. 

The Tripod Stand and grate means you can grill like a pro! Adjust the intensity of heat of your grilling by moving the grate closer or higher away from the heat, perfect for sausages, burgers or fish. 

Other accessories include the steel grates which when placed on top of any suitable sized firebowl allows you to grill and fry the most delicious meals and the mesh screen which is perfect for when you need a little warmer as the evenings get chilly.