18 Feb 2022

Igloo coolers

Dalesman International Ltd Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 19D40-E41


2022 is a BIG one for us; we’re celebrating 75 years of delivering coolness to the world! In our long, scrappy, fun-filled history, we went from inventing the cooler product category to turning Igloo into a lifestyle brand and becoming the #1 cooler brand in the USA! All along the way, we invented a series of firsts that changed the landscape forever: the first clean portable metal water jug (1947), the first plastic ice chest (1960), the first truly personal cooler (Playmate, 1971) and the first biodegradable cooler (RECOOL, 2019). You could say we’ve been a tad busy the last 75 years...

The 2022 MaxCold® collection encapsulates affordable performance, and with our updated hardside sizes that make it a more cohesive product family and expanding into softsides with three brand-new collections(!), we’re elevating the trusted MaxCold name and increasing its appeal and accessibility to even more consumers. And, of course, we’re going all in on FUN, from our bestselling Retro Collection (with new-yet-just-as-vivid colors) to our TagAlongToo(anold-schoolfavoritewe revived and revamped) and an offering of the most colorful of Playmates.