29 May 2023

mediation vs legal

Alex Scrivens Mediation Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 7D44

the majority of people I've met assume that taking someone to court over a dispute is the "way" to settle things. I hope that if they're ever unfortunate enough to be in that position, they'll know about mediation.


The documents im offering to GLEE 2023 are yours to read, and I hope that over time, you'll become aware of how significant mediation has become, and potentially saving you huge sums if you ever get into a dipsute.


This first document is as simple a guide to the "litigation pathway" as youll ever see, its stripped down to one page. Thankfully a solicitior wrote it.

Our second free gift is a clause you can add to yourt terms and conditionds/contract that binds your customers to Alternative Dispute Resolution as a first resort in case something goes wrong.

Our final freebie is the letter you can write to a dipsutee to invoke the contract clause.

More than 90% of mediated disputes settle on the day or the next. the remaining 10%? Who knows.  Not my business. 

My business is keeping you in the 90% statisitic. Sanity resides there.