Ooni Pizza Ovens

Norfolk Leisure Lifestyle Ltd Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 19C50-D51

From wood-fired flavour to gas-powered consistency - whether 12" or 16" pizzas - the range of Ooni portable pizza ovens offer you the oven you want for the back garden or beyond.

With Wood Pellet, Multi Fuel or Gas powered ovens available in a variety of sizes, they are the perfect garden accessory for those who love a real pizza night! 

Since their launch Ooni has grown into a multi award-winning business that sells products all over the world. Innovation is core to Ooni and they've gone on to release new awesome pizza oven models – including Ooni Fyra 12, Ooni Pro 16, Ooni Koda 12, Ooni Karu 12 and Ooni Koda 16. As well as hardwood pellets their ovens run on wood, charcoal and gas so now there’s an Ooni for everyone. They also have a range of must-have accessories + Ooni ‘merch’ for pizza lovers.

We are so excited to be working with Ooni for 2022, and cannot wait to get our hands on their incredible range of products.