04 Jun 2024

ARS CAM24-PRO Awarded "Best Buy" in BBC Gardeners World 'On Test' Reveiw

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ARS CAM24-PRO Awarded
Awarded Best Buy for Pruning Saws

ARS CAM24-PRO Pruning Saw Awarded BBC Gardeners' World "Best Buy"

ARS Corporation is delighted to announce that our ARS CAM24-PRO Pruning Saw has been honoured with the "Best Buy" award by BBC Gardeners' World Magazine. In a detailed review by Kay Maguire, the ARS CAM24-PRO surpassed numerous top brands, achieving perfect scores of 5/5 in handling, cutting efficiency, maintenance, and overall value for money.

Unmatched Cutting Performance

Crafted in Japan, the ARS CAM24-PRO Pruning Saw features a high carbon steel blade with chrome plating, renowned for its durability and cutting precision. The impulse-hardened teeth are strategically angled to cut on the pull stroke, ensuring each cut is effortless and clean. The ergonomic handle with a rubber grip provides superior comfort, while the non-slip hook ensures a secure hold during use.

Key Features

  • High Carbon Steel Blade: For robust and precise cutting.
  • Impulse Hardened Teeth: Long-lasting sharpness for efficient pruning.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Comfortable rubber grip and non-slip design.
  • Holster with Belt Hook: Safe and convenient carrying solution.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Assurance of durability and value.

User-Centric Design

The ARS CAM24-PRO is engineered to be light and comfortable, making it easy to handle even dense wood. The saw's sturdy construction ensures stability, and the holster's stopper system securely holds the saw in place, complemented by a convenient belt clip. While leg straps are sold separately, the overall design enhances the portability and utility of the saw.

Perfect for Professionals

Ideal for large-scale pruning, the ARS CAM24-PRO is a professional-grade tool designed to make pruning tasks easier. Its straight blade is perfect for cutting wood at level with the user, offering an exceptional pruning experience for gardeners and landscapers alike.

Exceptional Value

Positioned in the mid-price range, the ARS CAM24-PRO offers remarkable value with all replaceable parts and a lifetime warranty. This high-quality tool promises longevity and efficiency, making it a sound investment for serious gardeners.

About ARS Corporation

Based in Osaka, Japan, ARS Corporation is a leading manufacturer of precision cutting tools for professional use. With a commitment to quality and innovation, ARS designs tools that deliver outstanding performance and durability, enhancing the gardening experience for both professionals and enthusiasts.