14 Jun 2024

ARS LPB-30 Loppers Awarded "Best for Professionals "by The English Garden

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ARS LPB-30 Loppers Awarded
Available in 3 Sizes

ARS LPB-30 Loppers Awarded "Best for Professionals" by The English Garden

ARS Corporation is thrilled to announce that our ARS LPB-30 Loppers have been awarded "Best for Professionals" in a comprehensive test conducted by Alex Mitchell for The English Garden publication. The rigorous evaluation included 10 leading garden loppers and was carried out on a variety of garden shrubs and trees, including willow, damson, eucalyptus, hazel, and ornamental grasses.

The ARS LPB-30 Loppers excelled in all key categories: cutting performance, comfort, aesthetic appeal, and value. These high-quality loppers, essentially supersized secateurs on long handles, have proven to be invaluable for tackling thick or hard-to-reach branches, making them the top choice for professional gardeners.

Superior Cutting Performance

ARS, which can also be taken for "Always Razor Sharp," is a Japanese brand renowned for its precision cutting tools aimed at professional and aspiring gardeners. The ARS LPB-30 Loppers feature bypass cutting action, perfect for everyday use. This scissor-like action, with one blade crossing over the other, allows for a clean and precise cut through green, living wood. The lower blade even includes a metal 'step' halfway down for added strength and stability. Capable of handling living wood up to 3.8 cm in diameter, these loppers deliver a beautiful slicing motion, ensuring a clean cut every time.

Exceptional Comfort and Ease of Use

Designed with the user in mind, the ARS LPB-30 Loppers are lightweight, reducing the strain on the arms even during extended pruning sessions. Weighing only 975g, these loppers are well-balanced and easy to handle. Available in 3 sizes, the Medium, 63 cm long tubular aluminium handles with matt plastic non-slip grips provide maximum comfort and control, allowing for a more enjoyable and less tiring gardening experience.

Aesthetic Appeal and Value

Not only do the ARS LPB-30 Loppers perform exceptionally well, but they also boast an appealing design with sleek black, silver, and red finishes. Their robust construction ensures durability and longevity. With an excellent balance of performance, comfort, and style, these loppers offer outstanding value for professional gardeners. Additionally, ARS has a well-equipped spares department, ensuring these loppers can serve gardeners for many years.

About ARS Corporation

ARS Corporation, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality garden tools. With a rich history of innovation and excellence, ARS is dedicated to providing professional gardeners with the best tools to enhance their gardening experience. Our products are designed with precision and crafted to perfection, ensuring superior performance and lasting durability.