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23 May 2022

Beer Barrel Grill and Pizza Oven

TRAMONTINA Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 19F20
Beer Barrel Grill and Pizza Oven
Beer Barrel Grill and Pizza Oven
Tramontina Beer Barrel Grill and Pizza Oven

Combining the passion and tradition of barbequing with contemporary elements and efficiency, Tramontina have re-invented the Beer Barrel Grill! A professional grade outdoor Beer Barrel engineered to be easy for beginners and exceptional for chefs. Ideal for baking pizzas, roast, smoke, but it can also be used to other foods such as cakes and breads. The pizza stone is a noble material, which porosity helps in absorbing moisture from the dough, retaining and transferring the heat received from the coals to the pizza, making it crispy and tasty. Super fast or low and slow. An adventure, every time!

This innovation combines a contemporary stainless-steel construction with high performance design, greater efficiency and safety. Simple and easy to use - the endearing Beer Barrel Grill and Pizza Oven you always knew but with advantages and features you never thought possible!