01 Jun 2022

A bigger presence at Glee for Ivyline

IVYLINE LTD Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 8C50-D51
A bigger presence at Glee for Ivyline
A bigger presence at Glee for Ivyline

Newness set to increase demand

Each year Ivyline uses Glee to debut the latest additions to its portfolio which includes pots and planters; outdoor essentials such as firepits, bowls, lanterns, furniture, and fireside; and interior design accessories including glassware, candles, and festive lines.

But this year the brand has upped the ante and added more than 250 new SKUs to its line-up. New launches will be showcased across two stands at the exhibition, which represents a 70% increase on Ivyline’s 2021 show footprint.

This exciting move is the result of a deep review of Ivyline’s existing portfolio to ensure that its 2022/23 offering is as responsive to the latest trends as it can be, while still maintaining a profitable and structured range. Existing lines have been strengthened and an entirely new product category will be launched ahead of the 2023 season.

Every new introduction that Ivyline makes is the result of an extensive period of design and market research. The company says these are no ‘me too’ products created for the sake of newness, instead, items are developed in line with both retailer demand and consumer sentiment. Whether it’s new colours, textures or market direction, these innovations are designed to complement existing ranges, while adding even more value and sales potential within the retail setting.

Maximising A/W sales potential
The new timing of Glee in late June will also enable Ivyline to help retailers at the show make the most of the forthcoming A/W sales period. Backed by a dedicated catalogue created especially for A/W, retailers will be able to place orders for a range of new lines, including new glassware planters and vases made from 95% recycled Indian glass, Portuguese hand cast planters with botanic motifs, and additions to Ivyline’s festive offering including galvanised steel tree buckets, poinsettia and cyclamen planters, rustic candle holders and table dressings. The entire A/W collection will, as always, be designed in-house by Ivyline’s dedicated designers, and manufactured within a proven ethically protected supply chain.

Sustainability at its heart
As a conscientious business, Ivyline strives to put people and the planet first, which is why it has prioritised efforts to ensure all aspects of its manufacturing and sourcing process meet strict ethical and sustainable standards. As part of this commitment, Ivyline has appointed an external consultant to review its entire supply chain. By creating a more transparent supply chain and working only with audited factories that meet these standards, Ivyline is setting a new standard for what an environmentally-conscious brand can look like.

In recent years, Ivyline moved all production outside the Far East to provide additional peace of mind during even the most challenging conditions, while also reducing the brand’s carbon footprint, as it now clocks up fewer miles bringing product to its UK warehousing.

The company is also focused on reducing its reliance on plastic and has set a minimum target of 30% recycled material inclusion for the production and packaging of all its 2023 collections. Working towards a more sustainable future, the brand is developing relationships with like-minded partners, including zero-waste pottery partners, and those that optimise Ivyline’s manufacturing processes with 60% solar power and hydrogen-powered kilns.

A look to 2023
The challenges have come thick and fast in recent years and, while the future is bright, it may still hold renewed obstacles for retailers. Addressing this, Ivyline managing director Scott Thomas said: “We were fortunate that our sector received a welcome boost during the pandemic, but now is not the time to rest on our laurels. There is likely to be a significant shift in consumer demand for quality, long-lasting products, as the days of fast fashion peter out and consumers come to expect more of the entire supply chain. In turn, price points will be adjusted to reflect this, and product offerings need to be tailored to meet individual consumer demographics. This is where we can step in to help; by working closely with our retail customers to help them access a fully diverse product portfolio, supported by a brand ethos and ongoing investment that will enable us and our customers to stay ahead of the curve – whatever the future holds!”

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