18 Mar 2024

Completion climate proof garden centre in Reykjavík

Smiemans Projecten B.V. Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 9G112
Completion climate proof garden centre in Reykjavík
Garden centre Gardheimar in Reykjavík
Iceland's largest garden centre unveiled

On a once rugged 3 hectare volcanic site, Smiemans has built the 7,250 square metre climate-proof Gardheimar garden centre, which was recently inaugurated. Designed in collaboration with PK Arkitektar, the centre boasts a biophilic design that perfectly reflects the company's ethos. Notable features include large, heat-resistant windows at the front, a green roof, vertical wooden blinds and an architecturally striking façade adorned with continuous canopies.

An asymmetrical eye catcher

The garden centre's striking asymmetrical roofs have already become a prominent landmark, visible from the adjacent motorway. The central space is dominated by a towering 12 metre high section which houses an additional floor. This 25 metre wide roof serves as a central hall, while the second floor houses offices, a canteen and social areas for staff.

Built to withstand Iceland's turbulent climate

Designed to withstand Iceland's dynamic climate, the roof structure features specially designed gutters seamlessly integrated with 200mm thick sandwich panels. This design provides superior load-bearing capacity while minimising condensation. The wide insulated gutters also have an increased capacity to handle heavy rain or snow, ensuring increased comfort, safety and over 40% energy savings.

An enriching experience for visitors

In addition to a wide range of gardening products, Gardheimar offers an enriching experience for visitors. The centre houses a fully-equipped restaurant, a dedicated Stihl sales outlet and a collection of tempting shop-in-shops. A strategically placed canopy along the outdoor sales area ensures a comfortable shopping experience even in inclement weather.