14 - 16 September 2021
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14 Sep 2020

Empathy welcomes you to GLEE 2020

Empathy by Plantworks Hall: Hall 06-19 Stand: 8C70-D71
Empathy welcomes you to GLEE 2020
Over the next three days Empathy will introduce its brand additions for the 2021 season, its existing range of RHS accredited products, merchandising and link selling options, plus the wide range of benefits that stocking its hero product, rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi can provide.

First up is a run down of the latest additions and new additions and existing key products in range:

Rootgrow™ - Core to the Empathy range is rootgrow™ Mycorrhizal Fungi, an all-year-round product which is unique in its function to increase root area and is designed for use at time of planting to promote ‘strong, healthy plants’ in the most natural way possible. There are 60g, 150g and 360g options for rootgrow™. There is also ericoid and a gel option; the latter is a quick and easy treatment for bare-root plants.

Granular feeds - Brand new for the 2021 season is After Plant for Climbers & Flowering Plants which exchanges out the existing All Purpose version of the company’s granular offering to create a complete plant-specific range of five covering a wide variety of applications for plants, trees and shrubs.

Starter products - A further addition to the range which includes Tomato and Basket Starters, is a 250g option for the popular Bulb Starter with rootgrow™, designed to give bulbs, corms and tubers the best start possible by introducing and enhancing microbial life in the soil. The combination of mycorrhizal fungi and natural humate helps to build a healthy root system and soil and provides continued support for the lifetime of the plant, an ideal product for autumn and spring bulb sales.

Liquid feeds - The existing packaging for the After Plant Bio-Fertiliser range will be phased out and replaced with the new white and green livery. The popular range, which includes seven options covering ornamentals, edibles and shrubs, feature a blend of high quality seaweed extract and plant derived amino acids designed to feed the microbes in the soil and stimulate healthy plant growth.

Lawns - The Supreme Green Lawn Care range, launched at Glee 2019 includes everything needed to create, maintain and enjoy a lush, high quality lawn the natural way. Featuring premium quality lawn seed, a liquid concentrate lawn feed and a granular lawn feed. The feeds are formulated to reduce chemical use in gardening by increasing the natural biology in roots, soils and substrates. These pioneering products are highly effective, environmentally friendly and easy to use.

Birds - Produced by one of the largest seed houses in Europe, RHS Wild Bird Feed, distributed by Empathy offers a variety of high energy formulations including bird seed, suet balls, suet cakes and mealworms, ideal for stocking all year round with promotions during cold spells and nesting season.

For buyers interested in setting up meetings with members of the Empathy team to discuss new and existing products please get in touch either directly via email info@rootgrow.co.uk or via the Glee Gathering. To view the current range of products visit rootgrow.co.uk


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