Felt Products Ltd - Ultrapol Polyester Felt

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Felt Products Ltd - Ultrapol Polyester Felt
Felt Products Ltd - one of the fastest growing distributors in the UK.

Since 2011, we have supplied our premier range of felt and shingle products to timber merchants, roofing merchants and builders’ merchants across the UK, as well as some of the largest shed manufacturers in the country. Over the years we have expanded our stock range to include items such as DPM, DPC and breathable membranes, amongst many others. Having recently moved to a brand-new, 80,000 ft2 production facility, it is no coincidence that Felt Products has risen rapidly to become the fastest-growing felt manufacturer in the UK.

One key reason for this is our Ultrapol Polyester Roofing Felt. Our best-selling product since its introduction and originally created due to a manufacturing error, Ultrapol has taken the market by storm, replacing traditional roofing felts with a lightweight, stronger alternative.

Available in 3 colours, Ultrapol is made with premium polyester carrier, giving it a high tensile strength and making it almost impossible to tear. This facilitates flexibility down to temperatures as low as -25°C, whilst also eliminating the need for excess bitumen, making it a lightweight and more eco-friendly alternative to a traditional roll of shed felt. It is uniquely made with a recycled-plastic film-backing, which in summer temperatures will melt and provide an extra layer of adhesion, and is finished with a superior larger granite mineral, giving Ultrapol a style advantage over standard roofing felts. For these reasons, Ultrapol comes with a 15 Year Guarantee.

We have grown substantially since our early days, and now supply the UK with a vast array of products. Our felt range has grown to include torch-on felts, underlays and slaters felts, whilst also opening new product lines such as breathable membrane, DPM and corrugated roofing sheets. Come speak to one of our team, and join the felt revolution!