14 Mar 2022

Get a supremely green lawn naturally and easily

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Get a supremely green lawn naturally and easily
Empathy's Supreme Green lawn care range has everything gardener's need to achieve a beautiful lawn naturally
Achieving a beautiful lawn naturally has never been easier, Empathy’s RHS endorsed fully biological lawn care range has everything you need to sow, repair and feed your lawn with very little effort.

The Supreme Green Lawn Care range was formulated and refined following years of research working with professional turf managers. With added rootgrow™ Mycorrhizal Fungi, the range works hard below ground to boost roots and increase the biology of the soil, reducing the need to use additional chemicals, supporting lawns for a lifetime.

Create a high quality lawn the natural way; there are three size options for Supreme Green Lawn Seed; 500g, 1kg and the new 3 kg pack. Each option contains high quality seeds selected for their ability to establish quickly, plus the addition of rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi will support root growth and the supply of nutrients helping to produce a beautiful and durable lawn for everyday use.

Empathy's new 3KG lawn seed is packaged in eco-friendly paper with a recyclable plastic handle. 

A new addition to the range for 2022 is Supreme Green Lawn Patch & Repair. Designed to repair damaged areas of the lawn quickly and easily using a blend of grass seed, soil conditioner, coir and active biology, in the form of rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi.

Lawn Patch & Repair is ideal for use on lawns with worn or patchy areas, simply sprinkle evenly over high traffic areas, shady spots, around children’s play areas or on any turf affected by pets. The product can also be used as a lawn thickener.

Feed and improve
Supreme Green Lawn Feed & Improver with rootgrow™ Mycorrhizal Fungi is a highly effective natural lawn feed, containing active biology to improve your lawn health and appearance. It is quick and easy to use and can be applied using a spreader or sprinkled by hand between April and September.

Supreme Green Lawn Feed is a ready to use liquid concentrate that can be applied to established/establishing lawns to support healthy growth. It’s balanced range of nutrients including iron, ensure the fast greening up of lawns and help to increase resistance to drought and physical damage. The natural hormones in the feed are taken up by the grass and promote faster and stronger root and shoot growth, whilst promoting the development of beneficial bacteria and the mycorrhizal fungi in the soil.

For more information visit rootgrow.co.uk


Supreme Green Lawn Feed & Repair 3 kg £13.50
Supreme Green Lawn Seed 3 kg £35.00 | 1 kg £12.99 | 500 g £7.50
Supreme Green Lawn Feed & Improver 4.5 kg £14.50
Supreme Green Lawn Feed 1 L £7.99