06 Jun 2023

Introducing BIOFERTILISERS: The Revolutionary Future of Plant Nutrition

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Introducing BIOFERTILISERS: The Revolutionary Future of Plant Nutrition
Biofertiliser for Acers

Introducing BIOFERTILISERS: The Revolutionary Future of Plant Nutrition

Empathy by PlantWorks Ltd, a leading innovator in the gardening industry, is proud to unveil its ground breaking line of BIOFERTILISERS, ushering in a new era of plant nutrition. With a focus on enhancing Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) and promoting sustainable gardening practices, BIOFERTILISERS represent the cutting-edge of plant care.

What is Biofertiliser?

Building upon years of expertise, Empathy by PlantWorks Ltd has successfully educated UK gardeners on the immense value of mycorrhizal fungi through products like rootgrow™. Building on this success, the company has integrated beneficial soil bacteria into their granular feed ranges, derived from extensive research in maximizing NUE in farming and food production. These ground breaking products, now referred to as BIOFERTILISERS, offer a revolutionary method to improve plant nutrition and overall health.

Defining Biofertilisers

A BIOFERTILISER is a product that contains living micro-organisms. When applied to seeds, plant surfaces, or soil, these micro-organisms colonize the rhizosphere, leading to enhanced NUE, improved plant health, and accelerated establishment and growth.

The Importance of Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE)

NUE plays a vital role in crop production, offering significant benefits such as reduced input costs and improved sustainability. Responding to the growing demand for effective plant nutrition alternatives, gardeners are increasingly shifting away from traditional chemical feeds. PlantWorks Ltd's Empathy range of BIOFERTILISERS offers a comprehensive solution, positioning biofertilisers as the future replacement for chemically manufactured fertilisers on garden centre shelves.

Unique Features of BIOFERTILISERS

BIOFERTILISERS distinguish themselves through carefully selected and blended natural ingredients. These ingredients provide plants with essential nutrients while simultaneously promoting the development of mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial soil bacteria. Seaweed extracts and amino acid-based biostimulants supply plant growth hormones, stimulating top growth and root development. Alfalfa serves as a natural source of plant-derived nitrogen for healthy foliage. Additionally, the use of sulphate of potash, a naturally occurring mineral form of potassium, encourages strong budding and flowering. These organic products are free from peat and animal derivatives, making them perfect for use with peat-free compost. Moreover, the microorganisms present in BIOFERTILISERS enhance compost performance, further bolstering their environmental credentials.

The Ultimate Biofertiliser: rootgrow™ Mycorrhizal Fungi

One of PlantWorks Ltd's flagship products, rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi, stands as the ultimate biofertiliser. Trusted and recommended by nearly all garden centers and tree suppliers, rootgrow offers year-round application, requiring just one treatment per plant. The remarkable fungi within rootgrow provide a lifetime of benefits to a wide range of plants, shrubs, trees, and vegetables. This completely natural formula stands out as one of the most cost-effective plant support products on the market, thanks to its ability to enhance nutrient and water uptake by establishing a highly efficient secondary root system.

About PlantWorks Ltd

PlantWorks Ltd is a leading innovator in the garden trade industry, dedicated to providing gardeners with cutting-edge solutions for plant care. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and NUE enhancement, PlantWorks Ltd continues to drive the future of plant nutrition through its groundbreaking line of BIOFERTILISERS.