Lava-Lite Aqua Nuggets

Lava-Lite Hall: Hall 9 Stand: 9C02
Lava-Lite Aqua Nuggets
Lava-Lite Aqua Nuggets tub
Get ready to revolutionize your aquarium or pond with Aqua Nuggets Bio Filtration media!

Our unique Aqua Nuggets encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria that break down and remove harmful pollutants and impurities from your water. This means crystal-clear water that is safe for your fish, plants, coral, and other aquatic creatures. Plus, our all-natural material ensures that our bio-filtration media is safe for all types of aquatic life, giving you peace of mind and a beautiful environment.

Aqua Nuggets are a biofiltration media that encourage anaerobic/anoxic bacteria to thrive, helping to denitrify marine and freshwater aquariums and ponds.

The tiny holes in the structure of Aqua Nuggets allow the bacteria to colonise rapidly and suppress ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite, keeping your aquatic environment stable.

Easy to use, easy to maintain, and long-lasting, Aqua Nuggets are the perfect choice for freshwater and Marine aquaria, including outdoor ponds.

Say goodbye to complicated filtration systems and hello to a simple, effective, natural solution that will keep your aquarium or pond at its best.