07 Jun 2024

Neve’s Bees Natural Skincare – three important promises

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Neve’s Bees Natural Skincare – three important promises
Neve's Bees Range – lip balms, hand salves, face care and more
Skincare promises to nourish and delight the gardener

Neve’s Bees is a joyful, nature-obsessed skincare brand producing high quality skin balms, cleansers, serums, hand salves and lip care, all approved by the Soil Association. Julie Macken and her small team work to three core promises, ensuring that their products are not only wonderfully nourishing for your skin, but care for the planet too.

  1. 100% natural ingredients – nothing but plant oils and butters, clays, minerals and wildcrafted beeswax, incredibly powerful ingredients proven over centuries to soothe, heal, moisturise and protect. 

  2. Highly concentrated and water-free – the ‘active’ ingredients in most moisturisers and serums are oil based, however almost all skincare brands will also add water to bulk out their products and make them cheaper. If you add water, you also need to add ultra processed emulsifiers, surfactants and pesticides to mix it in and stop it from going mouldy, ingredients that increasingly proven to be harmful to the skin’s natural microbiome. Neve’s Bees products only contain the ingredients that are actually good for your skin – which has an additional benefit of not using carbon to ship water everywhere.

  3. A commitment to nature recovery – we donate 10% of our profits to bring back the UK’s wildflower meadows, a critically important natural habitat for pollinators that has been reduced by 97% over the last 90 years. As beekeepers we want to do our bit to  highlight the importance of bees for food security as they pollinate around a third the fruits, vegetables and nuts in our food chain.  

Why beeswax in skincare?

Beeswax has long served as a natural remedy for skin ailments, boasting a unique composition that forms a protective barrier, locking in moisture without pore-clogging. Rich in fatty acids and vitamin A, it supports skin health and regeneration while soothing dryness and irritation. Its emollient properties offer lasting hydration, while its luxurious texture enhances skincare formulations without synthetic additives, making it a versatile and effective skin saviour.