10 May 2022

How to use our WildID guides

WildID Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 7E46
How to use our WildID guides
WildID guides are great for young nature explorers

Step 1 – Narrow down using the pictures

Our guides are picture-based rather than a dichotomous key.  First, by looking through the pictures, you can usually narrow down the choices to just a few species. We have deliberately placed similar-looking and easily confusable species close to each other for easy comparison.

Step 2 – Confirm using the text

Using pictures alone is often not enough to allow you to identify something, which is why the fold-out guide also includes text.  Read the text on the reverse side to make sure that the features you have used for identification are reliable.

Step 3 – Check and share with others

If you are still unsure, you could try uploading a photo of what you saw to the iSpot app where a friendly and free community help to identify wildlife and share nature.

We publish around 100 WildID fold out guides to help people identify all sorts of species. Have a look at the complete list.