21 Feb 2022

04 Houseplants Biostimulant - 500ml

The Magic Molecule Co Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 6G04

04 Houseplants will boost the long-term health of your indoor plants, from succulents to spider plants. They’ll develop healthy leaves, beautiful flowers (if they’re a blooming plant of course). Stronger roots will help them take in more nutrition helping their defence against indoor pests and disease.

04 Houseplants will boost:

  • Long term plant health
  • Healthy leaves and beautiful flowers
  • Propagation and root growth
  • Its defence against indoor pests, disease and damage

Can be used with:

Bulbous type plants, hanging baskets, succulents, trees, flowering plants, foliage plants, indoor palms and more…


  • House Plants
  • Fertilizer