17 May 2023

Acana Moth Step 1,2,3

Wilsons Hall: Hall 6-10 Stand: 8C80

Moths are the only pest that the UK suffers from all year round. Because moths derive their nourishment from clothing, they can be seen to be a serious pest. 
Eliminate them with Acana's Advanced 1, 2, 3 System!
Make sure that you stock up to drive sales in this growing category.

Step 1- Response. Instant treatment when moths are first spotted. For clothes, carpet and fabrics.

Step 2- Elimination.Control with highly effective protection. Dedicated treatments for all solutions.

Step 3- Monitor. If moths remain, use the Acana monitor!


  • Hardware
  • Pest Control
  • Homewares (furniture, utensils, and objects for domestic use)
  • Cleaning products
  • DIY accessories
  • DIY