Bee Friends – Seed Bombs

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  • Bee Friends – Seed Bombs
  • Bee Friends – Seed Bombs
  • Bee Friends – Seed Bombs
Bee Friends – Seed Bombs Bee Friends – Seed Bombs Bee Friends – Seed Bombs

What Is A Seed Bomb?

A seed bomb is a little ball of growing medium that contains seeds.


Where can you plant a Seed Bomb?

Seed bombs can be used anywhere really but they are particularly great for use in inaccessible areas. They can be thrown over walls and fences to create wildflower meadows but also used in beds, borders and planters to produce stunning displays which change with the seasons.


How does a Seed Bomb work?

Seed bombs are very easy to use as they require hardly any effort. Simply scatter them over the desired area and if the weather is dry give them a little water and that’s it, it really is that simple! No digging, no covering and no netting required! Over a period of approximately 3 weeks the seeds enclosed in the bombs will germinate and grow into strong plants which will root into the ground below. Rain or watering will break the bombs down releasing all the nutrients the seeds need to become strong healthy plants.


Seed Bomb vs Loose Seeds?

• Seeds can be very small and difficult to handle. Seed bombs are much easier to grip and distribute especially for children and the elderly.

• Seeds are very light and can be blown away. Seed bombs protect the seeds and weigh them down allowing them to develop strong roots.

• Seeds are often eaten by birds and squirrels. Seed bombs protect the seeds from wildlife and are also non-toxic and 100% natural.

• Seeds can be susceptible to extreme weather conditions. Seed bombs can protect seeds from unexpected freezes and downpours. The seeds will remain dormant until their environmental needs are met such as temperature, water and correct growing position.


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