27 Jun 2023

80 Litre Coir potting mix

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  • 80 Litre Coir potting mix
  • 80 Litre Coir potting mix
  • 80 Litre Coir potting mix
80 Litre Coir potting mix 80 Litre Coir potting mix 80 Litre Coir potting mix

CoirProducts.co.uk (Salike Limited) is proud to present our new and improved 5kg coir potting mix, a product that exemplifies our commitment to both innovation and sustainability. With a single block now providing over 80L of natural coir when hydrated, this ethically produced and sourced mixture comes in shelf-ready packaging that is not only convenient but also environmentally friendly.

Our coir potting mix is the perfect alternative to peat-based growing media, harnessing the power of the natural fibrous material derived from coconut husks. Carefully selected and sustainably sourced, our 5kg block is packaged without the use of plastics or chemicals, ensuring a truly eco-friendly product. It's important to note that our entire coir potting mix range is proudly vegan-certified, meeting the rigorous criteria established by The Vegan Society. So you can rest easy knowing that our products are fully cruelty free.

What sets us apart is not just the quality and sustainability of our coir potting mix but also our unwavering dedication to minimising our carbon footprint. As part of these efforts, our company, Salike Limited, achieved a significant milestone by attaining carbon neutrality, having been recognised for demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility by complying with the requirements of ISO 14064-1:2018. As such, we have been verified in accordance with the specifications of ISO 14064-3:2019 for our organisation-level GHG statement. With our products manufactured in Sri Lanka, which is where the raw material is available, we offset our carbon footprint, following the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) processes. In doing so, we ensure that our products arrive in the UK with minimal environmental impact.

In addition to our carbon neutrality, we are deeply committed to fair trade practices and environmental, social, and governance considerations. As evidence of this commitment, we proudly hold memberships with both the Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB) and Sedex. These memberships serve as a testament to our longstanding dedication to sustainability. By eliminating plastic from our packaging, utilizing FSC-certified boxes, and optimizing transportation efficiency, we demonstrate our determination to make a positive impact on the planet.


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