21 Jun 2022

Easy2Grow Kit

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  • Easy2Grow Kit
  • Easy2Grow Kit
  • Easy2Grow Kit
Easy2Grow Kit Easy2Grow Kit Easy2Grow Kit

AutoPot Innovation

  • Effortless self-watering mechanism

  • Requires no power, just gravity

  • Requires no mains water

  • Safe to leave unattended for long periods

  • Can be set up practically anywhere 

  • Can be used to both water and feed your plants

  • Extendable by design

  • Accommodates your planting needs to produce a wide range of crops

  • Achieve amazing plants and fruit.

  • No more daily watering

  • Easy assembly

Self-watering Innovation

Set up in minutes, easy2grow is ready to provide responsive irrigation immediately. Switch on the kit and sit back in confidence, knowing that your plants are being automatically watered and fed power-free, no matter how busy you are. Better still, because the plants control their own watering they always receive the precise needed amount for maximum growth.


Water & Power Conservation

easy2grow is driven by gravity, so no electricity or mains water is required. This means you can set the system up practically anywhere and confidently leave it unattended. You’ll raise beautiful plants, save a fortune on utilities, and be able to relax, safe in the knowledge that yours is an eco-friendly choice.

Wherever You Need it

Whether you have a balcony, patio, or a cosy indoor space, the AutoPot easy2grow Kit adapts seamlessly to your gardening needs. Its compact and portable design allows you to cultivate your favourite plants anywhere with an easy tool-free assembly that only takes minutes.

Extendable Design

The easy2grow kit is extendable by design; you can start off with a couple of pots, then add more to the system according to your needs. It is ideally suited for growing short, bushy varieties like herbs and strawberries, and tall vine plants. When cultivating vine plants, it is common to arrange multiple kits in a row to create an effective layout.

About AutoPot

AutoPot are committed to revolutionizing the way we nurture and cultivate our gardens. With a passion for sustainability and efficiency, we pride ourselves in continually looking at new ways of empowering gardeners of all levels with innovative self-watering systems. We believe in harnessing the power of technology to make gardening accessible, enjoyable, successful and eco-friendly.

Whether you're a hobby grower, or a national champion, AutoPot Watering Systems easy2grow Kit will help you achieve your gardening goals.



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