Floor Decking

JSC Plastiva Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 9J14-a
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  • Floor Decking
  • Floor Decking
Floor Decking Floor Decking Floor Decking

Plastic floor tiles are designed for wet areas and outdoor flooring, making them perfect for pool surrounds and deck-top floors. Their
versatility extends to various applications, including patios, lounges, showers, pools, and hot tubs, where their durability and water-resistant properties shine. These tiles are also ideal for use on boats and docks, sports courts, and as an underlayment in moisture-
prone areas. Additionally, this type of flooring is commonly used inside as well. It provides safe and comfortable flooring solutions for kids’ playgrounds, decks, utility rooms, laundries, greenhouses, terraces, garages, and balconies, offering reliable performance and easy maintenance across diverse settings.


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