Glowing Glasses

Hellmann-Versand GmbH Hall: Hall 6-10 Stand: 9D54

1997 we initially developed designs for the colorful Glowing Candle Holders. Our Original Glowing Candle Holders are definitely the all-time favorites! They are made of glass with a thin layer of clay. We always come up with new and fresh designs to widen our range. They have an almost magnetic effect on customers all over the world. No matter if they see them at a Christmas market, in a boutique, a shop or at a friend's home. The stunning and magical color world touches every ones heart.
Our designs are divided into different lines. Each line has their own name-card, which helps the customer to get a first impression of what the line is about. The cards have a continuous design which is perfectly aligned to the different lines.
Because of the popular demand we've also launched candle holders with the same designs of our original ones in different shapes and sizes: Votive, Votive small, X-large and Gigant.



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