02 Jun 2023

Green Growth Remover

Furniture Clinic Hall: Hall 6-10 Stand: 9B60-A61
  • Green Growth Remover
  • Green Growth Remover
Green Growth Remover Green Growth Remover

Our Green Growth Remover is a Moss Remover and Algae Remover all-in-one. It will remove moss, mould, algae and lichen from roofs, fences, decking, tarmac, stone walls, paths, and pretty much anything else that gets stained outside.

The product is very highly concentrated; just 500ml dilutes with water to make 30 litres. So it is easier to transport, easier to handle, and a smaller bottle to store.

Once applied, not only does the product remove moss and algae, but it will also help to prevent both moss and algae from re-growing.

To use, simply dilute then spray on and leave to work. It is water-based, containing no bleach or acid, so safe to use around children, pets and wildlife.

One 500ml bottle will cover a huge 125m2.


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