21 Feb 2023

Heart of Eden Decorative Bark

Heart of Eden Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 9D40-C41

Heart of Eden Decorative Bark


Decorative Bark is a long-lasting, natural product. It can be used as ornamental ground cover for beds and borders, and it provides a clean visual background that will showcase flowers and foliage when used as a mulch. As well as making gardens look attractive, it can help suppress weeds and retain soil moisture during dry spells.

The rich colour of Decorative Bark provides an attractive backdrop to plants and shrubs, giving a neat and finished appearance to beds and borders.


  • Ornamental mulch
  • Low-maintenance gardening
  • Suppressing weeds


Spread Decorative Bark to a depth of 25mm (1″); 50mm (2″) is required for effective weed suppression. Raking over will help give a more even appearance. Leave a gap of approximately 25mm-50mm (1″-2″) between the bark and base of the plant to protect delicate plants.


  • 80ltr pre-packed bags
  • 60ltr pre-packed bags.


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