16 Apr 2024

Heart of Eden Hardwood Chips

Heart of Eden Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 9D40-C41

Heart of Eden Hardwood Chips


Hardwood Play Chips is a long-lasting, durable and natural product. It is easy to maintain and provides an attractive but very safe surface for playgrounds and gardens.

Hardwood Play Chips are impact-absorbing, which makes this material ideal for playgrounds and leisure areas as it reduces the effect of falls. It is particularly well-suited for areas under slides and around climbing equipment. It is undyed, so does not stain clothes. This product has been tested to the BSEN1177 standard.

It combines the highly decorative qualities of a natural mulch providing an attractive finish to beds and borders with the shock-absorption and cushioning characteristics of a product certified for use in play areas.


  • Surface for recreational and play areas
  • Creating and edging walkways and paths
  • As mulch for beds and borders


For use in a play area, lay the product to a finished depth of 10cm (4’’). We would suggest increasing this to 20cm (8”) around higher risk areas such as climbing frames, swings or slides.

For beds and borders, spread Hardwood Play Chips to a depth of 2.5cm-5cm (1″-2″). The minimum depth to give effective weed suppression is 5cm (2″) without a weed barrier.


  • 60ltr pre-packed bags


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