Eco Hive Composter

Zest Outdoor Living Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 7A60-B61

Making your own compost at home is now a massive and environmentally beneficial garden trend, but compost bins can be unattractive even if useful and desirable.  Zest’s new Eco Hive Composter not only has some super functional advantages, but it is also an attractive addition to any garden.  Shaped like a traditional beehive and made from PEFC (PEFC/16-37-1490), sustainable slow grown soft wood from responsibly managed forests, this product is a winner from the start.   Add to that a large 405 litre capacity and an open base that helps to produce internal heat which makes compost faster, ensures this is a really practical purchase.  The lid opens either side and folds back on itself for ease of removal in order to churn the compost and gardeners can easily harvest the compost from the lower hatch.  Narrow gaps in the side panels allows air to circulate in the composter whilst keeping the rain out. The angled ‘cant cut’ timber boards keeps the waste inside hidden and out of sight as well as having a more modern aesthetic and aids ventilation.  The timber lid and side panels help to manage the temperature and moisture content, retaining the heat and ventilating the compost– which is needed in order to speed up decomposition. The open base allows micro-organisms, worms and slugs from the ground to get into the waste heap and help to break it down into top quality compost. 


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