06 Jan 2022


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  • ONDUVILLA Roof Tiles
  • ONDUVILLA Roof Tiles
  • ONDUVILLA Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles have been a traditional part of the UK’s roofing landscape for hundreds of years. It’s aesthetically pleasing and suits a wide range of building types, from sheds to garden rooms, orangeries to summer houses.

But this popular style can also be achieved using more lightweight and easy to install materials, without sacrificing performance.

ONDUVILLA has a 15-year weatherproof guarantee and, as it contains no metal, it will never rust. It also contains no hazardous substances. This makes it completely safe for both people and, where it is used for animal homes and stables, for your customers’ pets.

The compact format of the tiles combined with the very light weight of the material makes it very easy to carry, transport to a car, lift up to the roof and manipulate.

The installation has been made very intuitive, requiring no professional skills or specialist tools.

Thanks to the ONDUVILLA smart lock system, designed with two parallel embossed lines located at each side of the tile, it is straightforward to achieve the overlaps needed for perfect weatherproofing.

The lines also act as a guide when fixing fasteners on top of the corrugations, making the process simple.

Available in shaded tones of red, green, black and brown, they are also ‘on trend’ with the current focus on sustainable building solutions, comprising 50% to 60% of recycled fibres.

In addition, ONDUVILLA has the advantage of being suitable for shallow pitched roofs, down to an angle of 9°. With a weight of only 1.27 kg per tile and a thickness of 3 mm, these tiles give a lightweight, robust roof requiring minimum maintenance.

For more information on Onduline’s lightweight, eco-friendly and durable roofing solutions please visit www.onduline.co.uk.


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