Peelable Glass Paint

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  • Peelable Glass Paint
  • Peelable Glass Paint
  • Peelable Glass Paint
Peelable Glass Paint Peelable Glass Paint Peelable Glass Paint

Thorndown's Peelable Glass Paint is a unique water-based eco paint made with a 100% recycled plastics resin, and VOC free exterior grade colour pigments.

Perfect for shading greenhouses or conservatories, privacy or security screening, window decoration and arts & crafts. For shading purposes the coating works by diffusing direct sunlight so a lot of it will be reflected back out, and the light that does come through is diffused so it’s not as strong.

Stencil Craft Packs are also available in a range of seasonal and floral themes for window decorating, arts & crafts and perfect for all ages.

  • Use indoor or outdoor
  • Eco based – water-based eco product with minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) at 0.05%
  • Made from a 100% already recycled plastics resin
  • Available in 24 opaque colours and 14 translucent for arts and crafts
  • The solid paint opaque peelable glass paint will block out most light from passing through the coating
  • Use stencils to easily create fun shapes and stylish patterns
  • Use a mould or tray to produce a sheet of window art to use whole or cut up or use cutters shapes
  • Cut with a knife or scissors for striking effects
  • Transform a viewless window with a creative design or your own scenic view
  • Create privacy on overlooked public windows
  • Effective deterrent to birds flying into or attacking
  • Translucent glass paint allows coloured light to pass
    through creating a stained-glass effect. It can also offer a level of diffused shading without blocking out all the light
  • Only 1 coat required but further coats will increase opacity

Full POS options avaiable for retail stores from colour charts to display posters, signs, boards, and shelf ends. Can be tailored to each store. Stores can also have paint supplied to paint up displays on store glass windows and objects.

Dropship, Trade and Wholesale.


  • Decorative Coatings & Treatments
  • DIY
  • Gifts
  • Garden Decoration