01 Apr 2022

PlantGrow Indoor Houseplant Booster

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  • PlantGrow Indoor Houseplant Booster
  • PlantGrow Indoor Houseplant Booster
PlantGrow Indoor Houseplant Booster PlantGrow Indoor Houseplant Booster

PlantGrow Indoor Houseplant Booster 

Description – Award winning PlantGrow Ltd., has created Indoor Houseplant Booster through a unique and environmentally friendly natural process.  This totally organic nutrient booster is created purely from plants, with no chemical additives, no animal waste, and no peat. 

The product, which can either be applied within the compost mix before potting the plants, as a surface dressing or pot-topping on the compost, provides great benefits for houseplants. Not only does the product retain water but delivers a nourishing natural plant food for the plant roots to take up. Perfect for houseplants whether they’re grown in pots or containers and is suitable for use within all growing systems including Vegan and Organic.

Scientific / ingredient – PlantGrow’s Indoor Houseplant Booster is created from the solid end-product of anaerobically digested organically grown plant material. The base ingredients that PlantGrow specifically uses for this process are organic cereal and grass crops and involve no chemicals and animal waste. 

The process, which is 100% natural, concentrates important microbial within the moist, crumbly solid that forms from the anaerobically digested plant material.  Collectively known as the Soil Microbiome, the microbial elements comprise of both bacteria and fungi that are nature’s way of breaking down organic matter to release and make available the vital macro and micronutrients for healthy and sustained plant growth.

These microbes are invariably missing or in very low quantities in potted soil and bag composts. PlantGrow’s Houseplant Booster contains a comprehensive range of both micro and macronutrients that will revitalise composts and other growing mediums to optimise the healthy and sustained growth of all plants.

Recommended use/directions for use – PlantGrow’s Indoor Houseplant Booster can be used throughout the year. Simply apply the product directly from the pouch as a top-dressing on the pot and container compost or, mix into compost before planting or re-potting houseplants. PlantGrow’s Indoor Houseplant Booster is the perfect product for providing not only the essential nutrients to houseplants but also the natural soil microbes that sustain organic nutrient recycling processes for healthy soil and strong root growth. 

Wash hands after use.

Unique Properties

  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Organic
  • 100% Vegan
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Chemical-free
  • Peat-free 
  • Improves soil and compost health 
  • Water retaining properties 
  • Helps reduce the effects of soil-borne diseases
  • Contains micro-nutrients 
  • Made completely from plants 
  • Safe for the birds, bees, insects, animals, and children
  • Helps plants to grow stronger and healthier 


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