20 Jun 2022

The PlantPal

Flower Tower Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 7F45
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The PlantPal The PlantPal The PlantPal

Plantpal Watering Globe protects houseplants from over watering by allowing plants to take exactly what they want when they need it.

Even if you are not green fingered Plantpal will take care of your indoor and outdoor potted plants for up to 2 weeks.

No more worries when going on holiday, just fill and go.

Plantpal can be used all year round and is especially useful when you are away on holiday.



Plantpal is available in decorative plastic globes and hold 380ml of water. These are a quick and easy solution to keep your indoor plants watered for up to 2 weeks. A large opening makes it easy to fill the globe. Insert the clog free spike in the soil and the plant takes what it wants using a patented valve to control the release of water according to your plant's requirements

· Plantpal decorative clear green plastic watering globes are attractive and functional.
· Water your plants automatically for up to 2 weeks. No need to worry when going away on holiday.
· Use all year round - Plants water and feed on demand to encourage healthy growth. 

. Prevents over watering in winter and under watering in summer. 

. Plants are healthier, stronger and grow twice as normal watering.
· Intelligent moisture sensing system - (No batteries required). Uses natural technology to water plants as nature intended
· No more soil clogging - Easy to fill globe and a separate water control spike eliminates soil clogging of the globe.


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