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13 Jun 2022


Yardcare Robotic Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 6C80-D81
  • TLM-H900
  • TLM-H900
TLM-H900 TLM-H900

Model: TLM-H900
Function setting: TFT-LCD Keyboard or APP
Cutting Height Setting: Electronal
Charging Interface Type: Sideward Charging Interface
Obstacle Detection:Laser & Intelligent resistance detecion
Safeguard: Liftoff / Slant / Emergency Stop
Battery Setting: Pluggable Battery
System upgrade: OTA or USB
- Intelligent Scheduling: YES
- Boundary Collision: YES
- Rain Sensor: YES
- Rain Sensor Delay Setting: YES
- GPS Assisted Location: YES
- Motor Type: BLDC
- Error Message Record: YES
- Multiple Language: YES
- PIN Setting: YES
- Time Synchronization: YES
- Gyroscope: YES
- Spiral Cut mode: YES
- Straight Cut mode: YES
- Emergency STOP Switch: YES
- Cuts to Edge: YES
- Self- charging management: YES
- Virtual line abnormal alarm stopped: YES


  • Landscaping & Garden Decoration
  • Garden Care
  • Outdoor Entertaining