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Introducing the limited M-8 only at the GLEE!

M-8 PLANT LOVER TR (Terracotta) is a special collaborated toolbox by Judith de Graaff x TOYO STEEL.

Judith is a Dutch designer living in France. She is the co-founder of the Urban Jungle Bloggers community, co-author of bestselling books “Urban Jungle” and “Plant Tribe" and lifestyle blogger on with a focus on plants, color, design, and travel.

For this project, Judith x TOYO STEEL have worked together to bring joy - particularly for those who enjoy living with plants, and for those who adore a contemporary design! Take your favorite green friends into this fun M-8 PLANT LOVER Terracotta. It will shine in your space!


Comment from Judith:
“ Spring is the perfect moment to repot your plants and give them room and nutrients to grow. The M-8 PLANT LOVER box that we designed is such a handy tool when repotting at home. You can use the box to mix your own soils, or to keep your surfaces clean when repotting plants. When your plants are freshly repotted: the M-8 PLANT LOVER will keep your plants cozy together and shows you are a true PLANT LOVER!

What I love about TOYO STEEL is that they create useful and durable items that last a lifetime (or longer!). Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world, and when working with plants a sustainable choice becomes even more obvious. For this special collaboration, we picked a beautiful light terracotta color that compliments the colors of the plants' foliage as well as common terracotta pots. This M-8 PLANT LOVER box is beautifully crafted and and shows that planty dreams will not rust. “


How to use M-8
TOYO STEEL has updated the M-8 with a selection of colors that matches to modern living. A design that combines functionality and aesthetics. You can organize your items for your home, or for outdoor activities. It is a good fit for gardening, or for in-vehicle use as well.


Features and specifications
・Pressed from a single steel plate and seamless
・Keeping it safe from leakage
・Excellent rust prevention effect with a galvanized finish
・Excellent durability & functionality.


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