18 Apr 2024


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AutoPot Innovation

  • Effortless self-watering mechanism

  • Requires no power, just gravity

  • Requires no mains water

  • Safe to leave unattended for long periods

  • Can be set up practically anywhere 

  • Ideal for the greenhouse, patio, balcony, or conservatory

  • Achieve amazing plants and fruit.

  • Can be used to both water and feed your plants

  • Easy, tool-free assembly

Whatever Next?

Tray2Grow’s award-winning multi-functional design means you can approach any gardening project in confidence. This unique, cleverly designed watering system can satisfy the needs of everything from seeds to vines, herbs to flowers and root vegetables.

Water & Power Conservation

With no electricity or mains water necessary, Tray2Grow represents a sustainable, low cost way to garden, that can be left safely unattended, and positioned practically anywhere. Your plants receive the right amount of water and feed precisely when they need it, promoting robust and lush growth


Equipped for every eventuality, Tray2Grow includes optional capillary spikes that can be fitted to the inside of the tray. These pierce the underside of a grow bag, allowing you to irrigate the substrate within.

With the spikes removed and capillary matting in place Tray2Grow can take up to four standard sized seed trays, two micro herb trays, any number of bottom-perforated or bio pots, or our capacious 107.5 L / 23.5 gal framed fabric planter.

About AutoPot

AutoPot are committed to revolutionizing the way we nurture and cultivate our gardens. With a passion for sustainability and efficiency, we pride ourselves in continually looking at new ways of empowering gardeners of all levels with innovative self-watering systems. We believe in harnessing the power of technology to make gardening accessible, enjoyable, successful and eco-friendly.

Give your plants the support they need to flourish with AutoPot Tray2Grow System.



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