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Wood Preserver

Thorndown Limited Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 7G37

THORNDOWN WOOD PRESERVATIVE is a ready to use, water-based wood preservative, designed to protect new and existing softwood timber without ground and water contact.

It protects timber against brown rot (Gloeophyllum trabeum, Coniophora puteana, Poria placenta) and blue stain fungi (Aureobasidium pullulans spp, Sclerophoma pithyophilla).

The product is made for outside application on wood. The target end-use market is DIY, professional and industrial. To be used in Class 2 and 3 cf. DS/EN335: 2013

Thorndown Wood Preserver is approved for use in the UK under GB-BPR with the Product Registration Number GB-2013-0783-1-0002

  • Protects timber against brown rot
  • Protects timber against blue stain fungi
  • Use Class 2 and 3 cf. DS/EN335: 2013. Conforms to EN 113 after EN 84 / EN 73 and EN 152
  • Quick drying – Dry in 1 hour in fine weather (23OC and 60% relative humidity)
  • Overcoat in 6 hours to 4 weeks
  • Water-based
  • Ready to use
  • Low odour
  • Coverage: treatment rate of 180 to 220 ml/m2 equalling approximately 5.5 m2 per litre – planed surfaces need 2 coats, rough sawn timbers 1 coat
  • Preserves new and existing softwood
  • For outside application on wood
  • Can be used DIY, professional and industrial
  • Thorndown Wood Preserver is a BPR approved wood preservative
  • For protection of windows, exterior doors, claddings, eaves, fences, carports etc.
  • Shown to produce excellent broad spectrum protection against wood destroying and blue stain fungi
  • Acts as a primer
  • Water wash up with mild soap
  • Apply with brush or roller application for DIY


  • Decorative Coatings & Treatments
  • DIY
  • Timber Supplies
  • Garden Decoration
  • Garden Care