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Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 7B86
AJR EXIM(INTERNATIONAL EXPORT &IMPORTS)  / MAAYONS EXPORT  started business as coir products suppliers and Landscape Equipment  years back with a vision to provide the local community an opportunity of gainful employment. Based in the coconut growing belt at South India  in Tamilnadu, AJR EXIM & MAAYONS EXPORTS - ECO COIR Products  Exports have their own coconut coir manufacturing  and modern agricultural techniques are adapted for better turn out. The infrastructure for conversion of coconut fiber into coir products is comprehensive and trained employees man the work stations. The management come from affluent agricultural background and is a enterprising lot. As one of the leading coconut exporters the company has adequate factory space, storage areas, standby power, transport, and is well connected to air ports and sea ports within easy reach. AJR EXIM & MAAYONS EXPORTS today are the leading coco coir products  suppliers manufacturers and export their eco coir products to various global destinations. The coconut fiber is converted into yarn and ropes, Coco peat , coco chips , coir pots  etc which go into the making of door mats, floor mats, mattresses and seating systems. These coir products are eco friendly and pose no health hazards to the user. As coco coir suppliers of repute, the company achieved milestones and became one amongst the leading coco coir  exporters, by virtue of excellent quality products and services. Over the years other products were added such as coco peat, coconut based charcoal, activated carbon, and fiber related products. Taking into account long term business relationships and customer care the company provides training to all its employees periodically and implements up gradations in the manufacturing process with modern trends. Timely delivery and excellent service bring in a lot of repeat orders from the existing clients and the customer base keeps growing. AJR EXIM (INTERNATIONAL EXPORT &IMPORTS)  is synonymous for its coconut and coconut products and is setting new trends in the global markets with its unbeatable price, priceless quality, efficient services and timely supplies which are the hallmarks of the leading coco coir exporters.





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