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We all love to see stunningly beautiful flowers of vibrant colours in our summer garden baskets and pots. Fed and watered sometimes twice daily and nurtured to look their absolute best, there is nothing that gives us gardeners more pleasure than a full-colour display. Stunningly beautiful that is until that lovely British summer weather turns instantly into what feels like could be the onset of winter! Within minutes that whipped-up wind and tropical summer rain have obliterated your pride and joy, leaving once fabulous geraniums wilted, and your trailing lobelia looking like a rotten bunch of weeds. It is heart-wrenching after all that time and effort, not to mention the expense, to see your baskets almost dead within seconds.


Worry no more! Basket Budz ® solves this issue. A single or two-part weather-resistant purpose-made protection for your hanging baskets and pots.

Use the plastic cone on its own, or for large hanging baskets and trailing flowers, couple up the compatible Basket Budz Bag using the lockable rings provided, to give complete weather protection. Easy! When the sun pops back out, simply remove your cone and your hanging basket/pots are intact and still looking fabulous!


Basket Budz®  and Basket Budz Bag are multi-purpose protectors. The cone alone can be used to protect small ground shrubs by cloching, or can be used to incubate seedlings. The bag on its own can be used for the protection of taller shrubs or pots and tightens up by coupling up the lockable rings, offering complete weather-resistant protection for your shrubs throughout the cold winter months. The bag can also be used as a handy leaf collector. or light, green garden waste.


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