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RocketGro is a British producer of a range of 100% Peat Free Composts, Soil Improvers and Liquid Plant Feed. All our products are Soil Association approved, 100% natural and totally chemical free. Our products are all Bio-active, and slow release vital natural nutrients and NPK into the soil through their organic material content. RocketGro products genuinely make a difference to the health of soil and therefore boost the yield and stength of plants and veg grown in that soil.

Based in Somerset the RocketGro farm produces Maize, Rye, Sugar Beet and Grass that are fed into our Bio-digesters to produce gas and electricity that gets fed into the national grid to power 8000 homes. The by-products of this process which are all animal product free are then utilised to make RocketGro products. A sustainable, virtuous cycle.

Launched in March 2021 and rapidly building their trade client list across the UK, RocketGro are looking forward to building long term partnerships with Garden Centres and Nurseries who wish to stock quality products at affordable prices and genuinely make a difference to the climate and environment and at the same time deliver compost and fertiliser products that actually really work for their customers.

Come and talk to us to see how we can help you to expand your growing media category and margins, especially in the more peat-free driven marketplace we all face.


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  • RocketGro super strength, peat-free bio-active organic deep fill extra large 60 litre tomato planter!
  • Luscious Lawn

    01 Sep 2021
    RocketGro introduce 'Luscious Lawn' and all natural chemical free lawn feed that is easy and safe to spread by hand. An organic product made from plant material. No equipment needed, safe for pets and ...
  • Nourish your plants with our superior organic potting compost, with all natural NPK and fibre boosting structure that is ideal for pots, planters and baskets. 
  • A fine blend compost that combines a decent amount of NPK support for young plants, seeds and cuttings that feeds but doesnt over feed. Bio-active, Peat free, Organic and all natural.
  • Bio-active, Peat free, fibre boosting, Organic, NPK rich, with abundant minerals and nutrients, our soil improver transforms garden soil.
  • Plant Fuel

    11 Aug 2021
    A bio-active, all natural liquid plant feed, organic, chemical free, sustainably produced, and incrdibly effective. NPK rich for a generous flash feed for pots, lawns and beds.
  • Magic Mulch

    11 Aug 2021
    Our naturally produced Magic Mulch is a 100% chemical free natural soil improver, weed suppressant, and leading organic no dig soil nourisher and plant feed.
  • Another new RocketGro product launch!

    02 Sep 2021 Toby Thomas
    RocketGro launches brand new super strength, peat-free organic bio-active 60 litre tomato planter.
  • RocketGro new products launch

    01 Sep 2021 Toby Thomas
    Exciting times here at RocketGro as we launch 4 new products. More to come so please stay tuned and follow us on social media @rocketgro
  • RocketGro the movie

    12 Sep 2021 Toby Thomas
    A little introductory film about a big story. RocketGro.
  • Our amazing Magic Mulch

    02 Sep 2021 Toby Thomas
    The fibre in our Magic Mulch is derived from broken down Maize, Rye, Beet and Grass. Amazing nutrient load, rich and soil nourishing.
  • BlackGold Potting Compost

    01 Sep 2021 Toby Thomas
    RocketGro BlackGold compost. Rich, bio-active, all natural, organic, fine superior blend. It is a joy to garden with, Peat Free and British.
  • New RocketGro POS boards

    27 Aug 2021 Toby Thomas
    Here at RocketGro we undersatnd the importance of a clear, crisp and vibrant message for your customers to understand and buy into. Our NEW POS boards deliver exectly that.
  • RocketGro New Peat Free Products

    27 Aug 2021 Toby Thomas
    RocketGro is developing and growing it's range of Peat Free all natural gardening wonder products and here is an overview of 4 of our new products.
  • RocketGro Magic Mulch & Plant Fuel

    11 Aug 2021 Toby Thomas
    An introduction to our original products Magic Mulch and Plant Fuel. RocketGro supports soil biodiversity and greater yield. Soil Association approved.
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