Capi Europe

Capi Europe designs and produces planters for indoor and outdoor. There is a planter for everyone, because of our different styles and textures. A part of our production takes place completely CO2 neutral in our own factory in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Besides their special design, our planters have a high quality. They are light weight – despite the robust exterior – and are weather resistant.




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  • Capi Europe GLEE 2022 Press Release

    23 Jun 2022 K E Ebbens
      Capi Europe – Grow a greener life The Capi-Europe story begins in 1997. Over the past 25 years, the pots and planters from this Brabant-based company have undergone an enormous development. Capi is ...
  • Our new Beige Planter is made from 100% waste containing Fishing nets, corks and Capi recycled planters. Made in our CO2 factory in holland this 100% recyclable planter is a great addition to the cole ...
  • Rain Barrel 400L

    15 Jun 2022
    New 400L Rain barrel is not just a barrel to collect valuable rain water for plants but a statment piece for your garden that you can plant also and contribute to biodiversity.  The rain barrels are p ...
  • Our new colours in the Grove are colourful and stricking in 15 diggerent sizes and over 3 models, they are a supberb addition to the already established collection.
  • Our Hive biodiversity collection is a geometric design and due to the smart click system on the back, it can easily mix and match them togther to create a full biodiversity mansion.  Made from 100% re ...
  • Nature Groove Planter

    15 Jun 2022
    New lightweight planter in a Grove design.  made with recycled materials and 100% recycable in a CO2 Nutural Factory with a Lifetime warranty.   Can be used indoor and outside and comes with an insula ...