Crescent Garden

Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 6A40-B41

In 1999, Paula Douer and Harry Tchira implemented their skills in manufacturing and design combined with their love for gardening to create Crescent Garden.

20 successful years later, Crescent Garden is one of the premier container gardening providers and a pioneer in self-watering solutions. We are run by people who are professional, passionate and always in our customer’s corner.

As a lead brand trusted by contractors, plants experts, and independent garden centers worldwide, we offer containers and accessories distinguished by refined design and breakthrough innovation that lasts and lasts for successful, inspired gardening. At Crescent Garden, we believe that planters should work for you, not the other way around. We understand what works best for both healthy plants and the people who love them.

With a vision to make gardening more accessible and relevant to everyone, while pushing the industry standards for what’s possible, we dedicate ourselves at Crescent Garden to a simple customer promise:

We help you grow.


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  • Crescent Garden and UBQ Materials introduce a container gardening breakthrough: a more planet-positive planter.  
  • Thanks to an innovative self-watering design, the Nest raised bed planter is the perfect hassle-free container system to grow your herbs, vegetables and edible flowers. The double-walled planter holds ...
  • Add a sleek and elegant accent to your patio, office corner, and entryway with the Fold elegant planter. The rippled exterior showcases your favorite florals, faux plants, or air-purifying greens. It ...
  • Rim

    Reinterpreting the old, our Rim planters mimic traditional Italian rimmed clay containers. Unlike their predecessor, these modern self-watering planters are incredibly versatile in design and can be u ...
  • This new silhouette is a perfect imperfect square self-watering planter. With TruDrop self-watering, Pinch is an ideal solution for low maintenance, saving in man hours for property managers and givin ...
  • These modern Pebble Plant Caddies, or should we say “plant trolleys”, because after all these are definitely an improvement from those old fashioned plant holders.  Not only are their heavy-duty caste ...
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