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Dizmezs Ltd.

Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 19E01,19F30

We are a manufacturer of premium winter fuels based in Latvia with 25 years of experience in producing sustainably sourced timber products.

​We are proud to supply UK retailers, who sell our products to the UK public. With high production capacity and a zero-waste policy, we aim to marry quality products with a process that is kind to the environment.

Our range of kiln dried firewood is sustainably sourced via the PEFC sustainability scheme. Our product moisture content levels are under 20% and have Ready To Burn accreditation to ensure harmful emissions are reduced.


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  • READYBLAZE … Safer, Greener and Ready to Burn

    06 Sep 2020 GTN Xtra Promotion
    READYBLAZE, a new brand for the UK Garden Centre market. Every piece of timber is kiln dried to under 20% moisture content level, leading to cleaner, hotter burning and less harmful emissions.
  • The log has 'Ready to burn' accreditation, ensuring all timber is under 20% moisture content, meaning reduced fumes and emissions when compared to logs over 20% moisture content.
  • Kiln dried well below 20% MC in the core of the piece so ready to burn. Length of the pieces nominal 125 mm, shortest piece not limited.
  • Kiln dried well below 10% MC
  • Content: 5 pcs RUF type Birch  briquettes, timber spacers, 1 pcs wood wool, cardboard box.
  • Kiln Dried Birch or Mixed Hardwood Firewood
  • Backed by a family history of Sawmilling, the Readyblaze brand offers premium winterfuels for domestic home and outdoor use.
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