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Hi. I’m Galea, full-time professional artist and sculptor in stoneware clay.

Every one of my ceramic creations is individually hand-crafted in my Yorkshire studio.

I’m interested in interpreting the natural world around me in clay and glaze, creating an individual piece of weather-hardy art that expresses my reaction to the shape, light, form and colour I see in that object.

I work in stoneware clay and fire it at very high temperatures over 1050C, making my garden art weather-hardy, frost and fade proof.

I have created a collection that gardeners can use to add splashes of character, creativity and colour all year around. My ceramics add individuality to any outdoor space, patio or balcony or can be displayed indoors as individual interior pieces.

Examples of my work have been exhibited in my home city of Bradford, at Cartwright Hall, the city’s public art gallery and in Cupola Gallery, Sheffield's leading gallery for contemporary art. From November 2021 I will be exhibiting three of my clay sculptures at the Water Street Gallery of Contemporary Art. In 2019, I was runner up in the prestigious Bradford Open Art Competition.

I am a member of the Craft Potters Association and the Northern Potters group.

Contact me: email to info@galeabelstudio.co.uk

                     telephone on 07963 157672

                     website at https:galeabelstudio.co.uk


United Kingdom


Contact Exhibitor

Contact Exhibitor

  • Handmade Leaf Art Ceramic Pendant strung on natural cotton.
  • Premiuim quality handcrafted ceramic leaf art bird feeder/bird bath dishes, suspended from metal chains.
  • Premium quality handcrafted ceramic leaf art bird feeder dishes, mounted on a 1000mm tall mild steel rod.
  • Premium quality handcrafted ceramic leaf art dishes and bowls individually handmade in our Yorkshire studios.
  • Premium quality hand-crafted strings of frost and fade proof ceramic leaves, ready to display in or out of doors in all weathers. Each is individually created in our Yorkshire studio.
  • Premiuim quality handcrafted ceramic leaf art plant labels/markers.
  • Premiuim quality handcrafted ceramic garden artworks mounted on 1000mm or 1200mm tall mild steel rods.
  • Premium quality ceramic toadstools, hand-crafted in stoneware and twice fired to make them weather hardy. Handmade in Yorkshire.
  • At GLEE 2021 we are proud to be launching the first in a new collection of jewellery, showcasing our new handcrafted ceramic Leaf Art pendant necklace, strung on natural cord.
  • GLEE 2021

    29 Aug 2021 David
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