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We have spent more than 13 years building and perfecting the best bird box cameras and wildlife cameras on the market, to help you bring the magic of nature indoors. We are now the UK's #1 supplier of bird box cameras whilst also selling B2B across Europe into wholesalers, garden centres and online retailers.


United Kingdom

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  • Our bird box camera with WiFi connection is our most popular camera for bringing nature indoors. Using the Green Feathers official app you can watch nesting birds on your smartphone or tablet in HD. I ...
  • Our limited-edition handmade wooden side view bird box is designed from the ground up to be a mini TV studio for watching nesting birds and designed for getting the best images from your bird box came ...
  • The Green Feathers LED Bird Box Lamp illuminates your nest box during the day to boost light levels meaning you get the most vivid colour images from your camera.
  • Our bird box camera with wireless transmission is the best bird box camera for watching nesting birds on your TV. Bring nature indoors and be captivated by live images of your feathered friends from t ...
  • We don't just provide solutions for watching birds: our fluffiest spiky friends get attention, too! That's why we've put together this Hedgehog Box WiFi Camera kit, which includes our 3rd Gen 1080p HD ...
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