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Hall: Halls 8-20 Stand: 20E36-F37

Henri Studio is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of cast stone garden fountains, statuary, and décor. 

From classic to contemporary, from traditional to whimsical, Henri’s extraordinary range is incomparable. Still located in the Chicago area, Henri Studio distributes its popular products exclusively to garden retailers across the United States and Canada, and around the world. Henri’s inspired designs, rich colors, and thoughtful engineering have made sought after Henri products essential to virtually any home, garden or landscape.

Henri Studio's evolving legacy of beautiful fountains and garden decor continue to enhance distinctive homes and landscapes, adding elegance and enjoyment to outdoor living spaces throughout the world.

Creativity and quality are our passions. We invite you to enjoy our Henri Studio creations now, and for many years to come.





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  • Moon Dance Fountain

    06 Sep 2020
    The Moon Dance Fountain's new-to-the-world design brings a spouting crescent moon intersected by a wide-spilling and floating cloud basin.  A wonderful piece of flowing artwork for any garden landscap ...
  • The Cascading Pools Fountain is a stunner, showing off its four large pools of water as a modern, one-piece work of art.  This fountain has it all….great structure, great sound and great water action.
  • Laguna Fountain

    06 Sep 2020
    Our Laguna Wall Fountain offers dramatic lighting and water flow.  With its wide copper spill and its 3 backlit panels of light, the Laguna Fountain will create both drama and elegance in your outdoor ...
  • Paradiso Fountain

    10 Sep 2020
    Our Paradiso Fountain will beautifully complement any garden setting.  Its appealing artistic detail and excellent water flow will be enjoyed for years to come.
  • Stone Basins Fountain

    08 Sep 2020
    As if chiseled from rock, the Stone Basins Fountain lives naturally in your garden landscape.  Three pools of copper-accented water provide soothing flow and sound in a structurally powerful design.
  • Zen Gate Fountain

    08 Sep 2020
    The Zen Gate Fountain shows strength and lightness of being with its balance of rough-hewn beams and flow-through airiness.  The copper spill and plunging water add to its dramatic presence.
  • Pendant Fountain

    08 Sep 2020
    With its sweeping backside, the Pendant Wall Fountain has great structure with a nicely inset jeweled cross as its focal point.  Add the wide water flow along with dramatic up-lighting and you have a ...
  • Castille Fountian

    10 Sep 2020
    If you’re looking for big sound in a small space, the Castille Fountain is your answer.  Nine crowning spills of water create a dramatic chorus of rushing water, all in a very compact size.
  • Avanti Fountain

    08 Sep 2020
    The Avanti Fountain nestles in and makes your small spaces come alive with dancing water and bubbling sound.  It's 30 inches across, so still quite substantial!
  • Bali Urn Fountain

    10 Sep 2020
    The Bali, Turkish and Shimmering Urn Fountains give you varying options of the traditional urn fountain.  An adjustable plume height and internal light let you set the mood as you desire.
  • Wauconda, IL, USA Henri Studio, makers of premium quality cast stone outdoor foutnains and statuary announce the availability of their entire line up of products for the UK market.  Independent agents ...
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    24 Aug 2020 Frank Honold
    Here's our Top 40 offering in America!  You've got the entire catalog to choose from, but these are proven winners in the States!
  • 2021 Supplemental Catalog

    10 Sep 2020 Frank Honold
  • 2020 Supplemental Catalog

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