High & Dry

Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 19F60

High & Dry make products for the outdoors that make your life that bit easier and are kind to our environment. Established in 2019, we intend to bring you the best solutions to the mundane task of drying your clothes.

We focus on products which are mobile and can be put out of the way when not needed. 

We recognise that gardens have become more crowded, even smaller. Life is busy and when we get a chance to relax, we crave space, especially at home and in the garden. Tasks such as housework can get in the way, mentally and physically. 
Our vision is that gardens are for living in and we want to give back that control and allow you to save space, save money, save nature, live life.


United Kingdom



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  • Enhance your homelife with the High & Dry Mobile Washing Line. Move it to follow the sun! This is an outdoor product that assists the drying of clothes, towels, duvets etc. by suspending them separate ...
  • Assembly Instructions for our debut product, the High and Dry Mobile Washing Line
  • Product Specification for our debut product, the High and Dry Mobile Washing Line
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