Jacobi Jayne & Company

Hall: Halls 8-20 Stand: 6A71

Jacobi Jayne is Europe's leading quality birdcare company, offering non-stop innovation with beautifully packaged products that customers love. Our huge range of popular brands include Flutter Butter®, Squirrel Buster®, Ring-Pull™, Easy-Peasy®, I Love Robins® and many more.


Herne Bay
United Kingdom


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  • I Love Hedgehogs

    10 Sep 2020
    Reformulated and repackaged, hugely popular I Love Hedgehogs™ is the responsible feeding choice for this much-loved garden visitor.
  • I Love Robins

    10 Sep 2020
    Created for robins and other soft-billed species, I Love Robins® single-handedly defined the high value super premium feeding category. Now it's even more appealing with bold new packaging and a wider ...
  • Squirrel Buster

    10 Sep 2020
    This 5 million sold feeder range keeps marauding mammals shut out of a free meal. Humane, economical and devastatingly effective, they're unquestionably the best squirrel proof bird feeders you'll fin ...
  • Flutter Butter

    10 Sep 2020
    We created a whole new feeding category, and the story's building all the time. With Pods and Jars - all widely recyclable - and a growing range of compatible feeders, it's unique in your birdcare ran ...
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